Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

Spiderman Homecoming Review

With Spider-Man: Homecoming’s release today, we’re here to provide one of the first reviews of the film for those looking for some spoilers, or for those who need persuading on seeing the film this weekend! We were lucky enough to catch a preview of the latest superhero epic on Tuesday, meaning we’ve had a few days to mull it over and give you guys the best review of the film ahead of its opening weekend.

In America, the Thursday night previews for Spider-Man: Homecoming exceeded $14m alone, which bodes well for the opening weekend. Despite this being the 3rd incarnation of the hero in the last 15 years, it seems as though Marvel have really hit the mark this time, especially as this franchise is easily slotted into the Avengers timeline, and feels like a superhero movie that can go the distance. It appears Marvel also feel this way, with plans to feature Tom Holland as the web-slinging protagonist in four more Marvel epics in coming years. Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, has stated that Spider-Man will have his story arc throughout these films and went on to confirm that he will be in the upcoming Avengers Infinity War films.

Although Spider-Man is definitely the superhero film it needed to be, it gives audiences a coming of age story that was hardly touched upon in previous versions of the film. Tom Holland is cast perfectly in the role and gives a fresh look to the character that was missed by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. We can see how young Peter Parker is from the beginning of this film. Once the titles role, we open on Peter recording his experience in Captain America: Civil War, the film in which we are first introduced to the character. His childish excitement and antics are the perfect portrayal of an average 15-year-old. From here we’re shown how he views Spider-Man as he fights crime and holds in his excitement to don the Spider-Man mask during his school day.

The villain in this film, The Vulture, is portrayed by Michael Keeton. The salvager-turned-arms dealer is a great villain in the movie and serves as a dual character as (spoilers) he is also the father of Peter’s love interest and fellow classmate, Liz Allan. This further shows the duality of Peter’s transformation into adulthood and responsibility via the use of The Vulture as both villain and anxiety-inducing father in law.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Review
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The use of the suit is also a means to show the transition of Peter into Spiderman. Although the film begins as a fun way of showing Peter in the early stages of Spider-Man, Iron Man is there to prevent him from reaching his full potential as a superhero who he longs to be. Parker is constantly fighting for approval from Iron Man, so much so that he vows to fight The Vulture and his gang. However, his suit has limited technology, and a tracker so that Iron Man can track his location at all times. This puts Peter on edge and makes him feel as though he isn’t good enough – forcing him to disable restrictions put on the suit in order to reach his full potential.Throughout the film, Peter continues to prove himself, earning the right to become an Avenger at the end of the film. It shows a lot that Peter then rejects this offer in order to maintain his childhood a little longer.

Throughout the film, Peter continues to prove himself, earning the right to become an Avenger by the end of the film in Tony Stark’s eyes. However, Peter then rejects this offer in order to maintain his childhood a little longer and live a normal life. Showing the audience that he understands his role and how grave the consequences can be when donning the suit.

The two post-credits scenes for this film are mediocre, however the first is interesting for a number of reasons. We see Vulture in prison, speaking to Gargan who appears earlier in the film ordering weapons from Vulture’s crew. During the encounter, Gargan is imprisoned and is only seen later in the mid-credits scene. In the comics, Gargan is better known as The Scorpion, who briefly appears in The Sinister Six Team. The Sinister Six is a team of villains who want to destroy Spider-Man. It is made up of Doctor Octopus, Electro, Kraven, Sandman, Vulture and Mysterio. Could this be who The Scorpion is referring to in his conversation with Vulture when he states that there are “friends on the outside” who are willing to kill Spider-Man in return for his name? In any case, Vulture does not give this information freely, and the scene ends. The post-credits scene is slightly different and is a short clip of Captain America giving an inspirational talk to audience members about the importance of “patience”. This links back to motivational videos dotted throughout the film and pokes fun at the audience and their ability to sit through credits in order to sneak a peak at upcoming films.

Another interesting angle in this film comes in the form of Michelle. An odd girl in Peter’s year, she warms the audience up to her throughout the story and reveals her nickname as MJ near the end of the film. Hopefully, this will lead to a potentially love plot in coming films between both her and Spider-Man. Overall the film is such a fun Marvel epic to watch, and ties in with the Avengers perfectly, setting up the next Spider-Man’s role in upcoming films to a T.

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  1. A very well written review which gives key points on the film and entries that have gone before. Nice to see a review that doesn’t say everything is amazing or slating it all the way through like other reviewers.

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