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Film review: IT

It’s been a while since a film in the horror genre has smashed box office records, but IT has managed to crush the records for all genres in its opening weekend alone. Even in the face of hurricane Irma, which was thought to dampen the viewer count over the weekend, IT managed a great turn out, and viewers were not disappointed.

From the outset, you can see the amount of time, effort, and money that went into this production. And, although the 80’s nostalgia pushes it sometimes, the film does the Stephen King novel justice in its entirety. This incarnation of the killer clown also cuts closer to the book itself, showing us more of what Pennywise can achieve and exactly where his victims end up…

Cast and Plot

Bill Skarsgård plays the role of Pennywise extremely well, even down to the dribbling clown mouth… We can imagine seeing some very creepy Pennywise incarnations this Halloween. The way Pennywise talks, moves and dances are very mechanical – even his exterior as a 1920’s clown shows us how old this thing is, which makes it even more terrifying. The Losers Club portrayed in the film is host to some serious actors, most noticeable is Finn Wolfhard, famous for his role in the amazing Stranger Things (available on Netflix). The Club is being hunted by Pennywise, as it must feast on the fear of children before resting for another 27 years… The team must band together to stop it taking them to its layer, but do they succeed?

The plot of the 2017 film follows the original story very closely, and despite cutting a rather odd placed sexual scene between The Losers club, does the book justice. That being said, we’re not negating the terrifying presence of the adaptation starring Tim Curry back in 1990, which effectively terrified a nation of young teens when it was released. What the new adaptation makes up for, however, was the CGI. A lot of money was thrown into this film, and you can really see it when it comes to the scares. Although the films does throw in some jump scares throughout, there are some truly terrifying moments for the audience. Don’t get us started on the projector scene.

With a sequel already planned for the box office hit and another King adaptation Gerald’s Game hitting our TV screens this year, just where will horror end up? And can horror advance, or is it always doomed to follow the path of reboots…

History of IT

The first mention of Pennywise the Clown can be found in the 22nd book by King, IT. Pennywise is a being who feeds on the fear of children in the town of Derry, Maine. The town itself is mentioned in a number of other Stephen King novels, including The Dead ZoneThe Tommyknockers, and Dreamcatcher, in which graffiti can be found stating “Pennywise Lives!”. In the most recent adaptation of The Dark Tower, which hit our screens earlier this year, Pennywise Circus can be seen in one particular scene…We love that the King universe interconnects, and we hope to see more Marvel-esque connections being made like this in future!

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