Disney’s Coco: What we know so far

Disney's Coco
Disney's Coco
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The official tagline for the film depicts that  “Coco is the celebration of a lifetime, where the discovery of a generations-old mystery leads to a most extraordinary and surprising family reunion.”. The plot follows Miguel, a 12-year-old, who manages to unravel a century-old mystery, along with his dog Dante.

Miguel, who lives in a small but lively Mexican village, wants to explore a life in music, but must follow in the footsteps of his family, who are devout shoemakers. Miguel’s family have also banned music in the house, as they believe music has cursed them. The tale comes from Miguel’s great great grandfather, who abandoned his wife in order to follow his love for music. His wife, Imelda, who has been the matriarch of the family ever since then declared music as a curse and banned it from ever entering the household.

Enter Miguel, who decides to ignore the ban and follow in the footsteps of one of the most famous singer’s in Mexican history, Ernesto De La Cruz. However, in doing so, Miguel finds himself in the Land of the Dead. The plot then follows Miguel as he unravels his own past, and stumbles upon family members from centuries ago.

More about Disney’s Coco

Coco is one of the first Mexican films to come out of Disney and has an amazing array of cast members voicing the characters in the film. With Benjamin Bratt, Gael García Bernal and the upcoming Anthony Gonzalez voicing Miguel, it could be argued that Coco will have one of the most diverse casts in Disney history. Directed by Lee Unkrich, known for films like Finding Nemo, A Bug’s Life, Toy Story 2 and Monster’s Inc, it’s fair to say that this film could become a quick classic for Disney. 

The release date for Disney’s Coco is set for November 22nd in 2017 (US) and roughly one week later in other countries around the world. The film will be released in English and will follow the release of Cars 3 in July. The four-month gap in the release will potentially create some great box office generation in its opening weekend for Coco, which could, in turn, set it up as a big earner for Disney this year. Following Coco in the lineup of Disney releases will be The Incredibles 2, which will be in cinemas in June next year.

One fun fact about Coco is that it will be released on the same day as Toy Story, which had the same director and was released 22 years ago to the day.

Back in 2013, The Disney Company requested a trademark for the phrase “Dia de los Muertos”, which would be used for various merchandise in conjunction with the film. However, this has since caused a major backlash in the Latin community throughout America, with some saying that using the name is a defecation of their religious holiday. Despite these criticisms, Disney has maintained the trademarked name and will release merchandise under the phrase going forward.

Not one for stealing design, however, the directors and co travelled to Mexico in order to help them define and create the characters for the film Coco. Unkrich, the Co-Director for the film, stated that the use of sugar skulls in folk art and culture influenced her imagination to explore the culture more in relation to the film.

The animation process for Coco began in April 2016, with the official trailer for the film dropping yesterday around the world: watch it below:

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